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Our 2008 photo booth shots… now including new guy Brody!

A few things I’ve noticed since Brody has been with us


16 May, 2008

Fun at Speed Zone

Posted by: Neil In: family|Photography|us

Fast fun at Speed Zone!

photos, photos, photos

15 Apr, 2007

4 Days In Portugal

Posted by: Neil In: general|neil

Well, it’s actually a 6 day trip, if you include the travel days. I’m writing this from the bar at the hotel I’m staying in… this is the only place that they have an internet connection, so I’ve been stuck drinking beer and surfing the net.

  • Bill: Thanks for this - had rough time with an SG90 today and this saved my arse.
  • Neil: @SM... great tips to make it simpler to connect. I think I'll be using them myself. I've actually been out of touch with ShoreTe
  • SM: Actually, You can telnet to shoretel switches from any PC you choose. (As long as you can see the switch and you have access to run ipbxctl.exe) Eithe

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