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12 Feb, 2006

no more woodchuck

Posted by: Neil In: neil

… for me at least … I used to drink this cider all of the time. It had been a while since I’ve had it and we picked some up at the local beverage superstore (BevMo). I had about 1/4 of it and got an allergic reaction to it. I traded Melanie for her Pacifico. […]

  • Bill: Thanks for this - had rough time with an SG90 today and this saved my arse.
  • Neil: @SM... great tips to make it simpler to connect. I think I'll be using them myself. I've actually been out of touch with ShoreTe
  • SM: Actually, You can telnet to shoretel switches from any PC you choose. (As long as you can see the switch and you have access to run ipbxctl.exe) Eithe

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