19 Jan, 2009

25 Things You May Not Have Known About Me

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  1. My favorite color is yellow, no blue.
  2. I was born in Queens, New York.
  3. I do not have any wisdom teeth.
  4. Before I turned 1, my parents thought moving to Australia would be fun. We lived there for 6 years, and it was fun.
  5. When we moved back to the US, I was 7 did not know what ‘kickball’ was. The neighbor kids looked at me funny.
  6. I don’t remember what my favorite toy was when I was a kid, 
  7. My mom’s nickname for me as a child was ‘doobie’.
  8. My hair started greying when I was in high school.
  9. When I walk down stairs, my right ankle pops almost every time. This is from sliding into 2nd base and tearing ligaments when my foot hit the bag.
  10. As a kid, I would build model cars and airplanes and then destroy them with firecrackers.
  11. My armpits can get sweaty, even if I’m not doing anything.
  12. I learned to type on a typewriter in 7th grade.
  13. I still have the t-shirt I was wearing when my daughter was born.
  14. I once pee’d my pants because I was having too much fun in the snow and waited too long to go inside to the bathroom, I was about 8, I think.
  15. I cannot recite the alphabet backwards. It’s a good thing I don’t drink and drive.
  16. I took French in high school. Mostly to spite my mother. (I wish I’d taken German now)
  17. As a teen, I would sneak out of the house. Once, I was chased down our street by my underware clad father and evaded him by hiding in some bushes. He never knew it was me.
  18. My dad loved VW Beetles. Being the youngest of 4, on family outings, I go stuck sitting in back. I mean in the waaaaay back where you put bags and stuff.
  19. My shins are bald. 
  20. I’m allergic to some beer, and macadamia nuts.
  21. I can crack my nose.
  22. I saw Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return Of The Jedi when they were out in the movie theaters.
  23. The first Compact Disc I purchased was The Smiths ‘The Queen Is Dead’.
  24. I’ve only had 2 employers since graduating from high school.
  25. In high school, I quit my job at McDonald’s when my friend came in and told me there was a killer party. I don’t remember the party.
  26. (Bonus) I don’t think Angelina Jolie is attractive.

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